Bosom Beauty Airlock Full Economy System from $79 to $91.

Bosom Beauty Airlock Full Economy System from $79 to $91.
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Product Description

On a tight budget? Then why not try the Bosom Beauty Manual Airlock, where you simply pull the lever(with the powerful airlock lever provided) to pull your breasts out and for the rest of the session the Airlock holds your breasts in the enlarged position. So you only need to suck the air out at the beginning of the session, the Airlock then traps the vacuum for the entire session. This is quite amazing to see.

Works very well but not as quickly as our electric systems, so you will need at least 2 hours a day to use this system.

Great entry level, non surgical vacuum breast enlargement and enhancement product.

Cups/Domes Size guide - Remember to allow 3 to 4cm of growth.

Small - 10cm base 7cm to 9.5cm height - will fit you if you are now an A or AA cup.

Medium - 11cm base - 8cm to 11.5cm height - will fit you if you are now a small B-cup.

Large - 12cm base - 9cm to 13cm height - will fit you if you are now a small C-cup.

XL - 13cm base - 12cm to 14.5cm height. - will fit you if you are now a small D-cup.

What size cups do you require? Small if you an A cup now, medium if you are a small B now, large if you are a C now or XL if you are a D now.

Our domes are curved and wider at the base to exactly fit the ribcage for ease of use, comfort and a good tight seal.

Instructions for use (full instructions included with the system). Put on the Stretch Bra Vest, place the cups over your breasts then pull the airlock lever, this then pulls on your breasts all through the entire session. This is very easy to do.

Cup sizes range from A to small E. Creates Instant Breasts straight out of the box. Rimmed cups that are curved at the base to exactly rest against your rib cage for extra comfort. Wear for just 2 hours a day for 8 weeks (you can do this as many times a day as you you want to speed up results). Increase your cup size by at least one size, but typically two full sizes can be seen as quick as 4 weeks but we recommend 8. Take a 1 week break then repeat the process again until you reach the next cup size and ultimately, the much desired E cup.

It not only increases the size of your breasts, it also creates the perfect breast shape and protects against future sagging. Unlike its competitors, it will never lose suction over the timed session, so no time is wasted, it is 100% efficient, 100% of the time. Another plus point of this system is its ability to plump your breasts before you go out, this will take you up a size even after your enlargement program. Just wear the system for 30 minutes before leaving and be a size bigger all night. At first your new cleavage will last a few hours, but as each day passes and new breast tissue expands and grows then your cleavage starts to become permanent (around 2-3 weeks). Based on the well known science of tissue expansion and regrowth.


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